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Snazzy Supper Club

Snazzy Supper Club

Movie Lounge in Fort Smith, AR combines a unique movie-going and noshing experience by serving food and drinks within its two theaters.  It also offers a separate dining room and main lounge. This snazzy supper club provides seasonal fare, drinks, films, and live entertainment.  The previous tenant was Circuit City.  The existing shell went through a major transformation to become what it is today.  Now it houses theaters, a screening room, dining area, and event space.  People can have dinner, see a movie, and eat while they watch.  Guests will not see the same flicks showing at regular theaters.  They are promoting art and classic films.

ILM worked with Studio B out of Tampa, FL to manufacture custom movie reels that also housed ILM’s thin profile LED light boxes and a TV.  The custom movie reels are installed in the restaurant’s main lounge.  The movie reel shape was routed out of aluminum and painted to match the interior decor.  Brackets were installed on the back of the reel to hold three 1-1/8″ deep LED light boxes and a TV.  This unique installation is the center piece of the lounge.  It was a pleasure to bring Studio B’s design concept to life.




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