Backlit LED light boxes from ILM are manufactured in a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate your custom display needs. They are a great way to illuminate large scale graphics and make a BIG impact. We have interior and exterior solutions depending on your project.

The backlit light boxes are 4”-6” deep depending on the size of your graphic. The inside of the cabinet is populated with LED’s to achieve maximum brightness and even illumination.

Everything we manufacture in our Florida facility is made to order based on your requirements. We will work with our design and engineering team to create a one of a kind display based on your project needs.


The light boxes can be utilized for numerous media applications including retail environments, store fixtures, trade show displays, airports, malls and sports arenas.

If you are working on one box or a large roll-out, each light box is manufactured to meet your needs. We have 4″-6″ deep single face profiles and double face LED or fluorescent boxes available. Depending on the size and design the boxes have magnetic faces, removable retainers or large scale flex face prints. If you don’t see what you need on our website we are happy to come up with a custom solution to enhance your specific project needs.


Whether you are looking for an edge lit thin profile light box or a backlit display we can offer creative solutions for your space. Fabric provides a strong color saturated image with glare-free graphics and noise dampening effect, as well as easy replacement to keep your display current. Our seamless fabric graphics are fire rated and use water based inks for emission free and odorless displays.
If you are looking for a high impact display the fabric light box is a great solution. The image bleeds to the edge of the frame creating the largest visual opening on the market.

The fabric box is available in multiple profiles:
• 1-1/4” single face
• 3” double face
• 5-5/8” double face


ILM is proud to introduce our new front loading snap frame LED light box. The four sided snap frame with mitered corners makes changing out the graphics a snap! It’s a sleek, contemporary and economical option for your display needs. Our most popular box is the ultra thin 7/8″ deep profile. The front loading box can be easily customized as well. We can accommodate almost any size and PMS powder coat color.

We have a new 1-1/4” single face snap frame profiles as well as a 3-3/4” deep backlit profile.

• 7/8” single face up to 4’ x 8’
• 1-1/4” single face up to 4’ x 8’
• 3-3/4” single face available for larger sizes