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Tampa Bay Rays

Tampa Bay Rays

Tropicana field is home to the Tampa Bay Rays.  The original dome was opened to the public on March 3, 1990.  Tropicana Field closed its doors in October 1996 for a 17-month, $85 million face lift that transformed the facility from functional to innovative, incorporating baseball traditions throughout the complex.  In 2006, the Rays spent more than $10 million on a second round of improvements.  The renovations included major overhauls to all of the bathrooms, new lighting, new fixtures, and much more.  ILM was excited to be a part of the new face of the Rays.  The stadium also added interactive baseball-themed areas throughout the ballpark for families to enjoy a new kind of fan experience.

Part of the 2006 renovations included custom double face light boxes provided by ILM.  The light boxes were installed using custom retainers and brackets.  They were mounted to the rafters in the lower concourse.  The light boxes are used to display advertising as visitors head to the food court.  The great thing about the light boxes is that the images can be easily and quickly changed out so the stadium can keep their branding current.  The unique installation catches visitors eye as they make their way around the perimeter of the stadium.  Our double face LED light boxes are 2-3/8″ deep and display images on the front and back of the box.  The thin profile design is perfect solution for advertising.


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