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Solar Signage

Solar Signage

Clarifire worked with International Sign (ILM’s sister company) and PVI Solar to design and manufacture a custom solar powered sign that is one of the largest in Florida, if not the United States.  When they relocated their office in 2014 they wanted to find a way to reduce their carbon footprint.  They thought a new solar powered entry sign would be a great way to start incorporating “green” initiatives into all aspects of their company.  The sign is 7 feet high by 14 feet wide.  The PVI solar system is guaranteed to work for five days with only one day of sunshine.

Clarifire is a powerful workflow automation software designed to make process-centric organizations more efficient, accountable and profitable.  Their systems are easier to set up and use than competitive solutions.  They provide tools for automating, integrating, controlling and optimizing processes both inside and outside the enterprise.  International Sign Company is one of the oldest state licensed electrical sign contractors in Florida.  Their unique in-house manufacturing capabilities allow them to create a vast array of signs that can be used in various interior and exterior applications.  They provide site surveys & code research, permits & procurement, design, engineering, manufacturing and installation across the state.  When this project was presented to International Sign they were excited to partner with PVI and provide a custom solution.  PVI Solar offers turnkey solutions or solar kits that you can integrate into your sign project.  Their solar systems are engineered around a power management principal.  Their PowerLine charge controller has the ability to use less power and mazimize LED brightness & efficiency.  They are able to produce a functional, yet aesthetically pleasing solar lighting solution.


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