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Window Display

Window Display


For retailers it is vital that they capture the imagination and interest of customers.  Your window displays are like billboards for your store. They can be the make-or-break factor in whether a customer enters your shop or walks on by.

ILM manufactures all types of custom light boxes depending on the customer’s needs.  We recently manufactured seven custom fabric light boxes for retail store front windows in Orange, CA.  The light boxes have removable retainers so the graphic frame can slide out the side for easy access.  Fabric has become a great alternative to traditional printed duratrans.  Using a fabric face allows manufactures to make larger sizes since we are not restricted by the plastic size.  Fabric prints have a smooth appearance with deeply vibrant color quality that illuminate beautifully. The fabric prints are evenly illuminated with backlit LED’s. Backlit light boxes are great for store front window because the densely populated LED’s make the boxes super bright.


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